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What is a Tech Stack | How to architect software products Getting into IT with Grant

When you build a software application or product, you don't just start writing code and hope for the best!  Your code runs on a platform, typically accesses a database, and displays data to a user – all of these functions should be isolated and organized into a tech stack.  Defining your tech stack should be one of the very first things you do, even before you write your first line of code.  Let's dig into this topic, talk about the tech stack in general and then actually define one!  We'll be using a budgeting application as our example and deciding what technologies to use in each layer of the stack.
  1. What is a Tech Stack | How to architect software products
  2. Change My Career | How to Transition Between Engineering Disciplines
  3. How to Get a Raise | Don’t use inflation as your reason!
  4. DevOps and CI/CD Pipelines | Best practices in engineering and change and release management
  5. Trunk-Based Development Is Too Risky! | Source code management, CI/CD, and software development anti-patterns
  6. How to Handle a Narcissist | Gaslighting, manipulation, and abuse – you will not believe the fantasy land they live in!
  7. I Hate My Dream Job | Managing Burnout and Overwork
  8. War Stories from IT | Indie GameDev and the Art of Bonsai
  9. Prioritizing Technical Debt, Bugs, and Features | Using an Eisenhower Matrix
  10. Leadership in IT | Centralized vs Decentralized Command and Business Agility