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How to Get a Raise | Don’t use inflation as your reason! Getting into IT with Grant

You work in tech and you want to be paid more money.  Great, so what's your pitch? Have you thought about what time of day to approach your manager?  What about setting up a new meeting or using an existing one?  How about how much money to ask for?  In this episode, I dive into these topics and more so that you can craft the perfect interaction with your manager! Do not wander into your conversation, come up with a strategy for telling your manager just how much value you deliver to the team.  Your value is what determines your pay, so think about it.  As an added bonus, I even role-play this scenario and pretend I'm asking my boss for a raise.  If you do this well, it may pay off big for you! —– Robert Half Talent Solutions: Tech Salary Guides 2022 Extraneous factors in judicial decisions: PNAS Other resources on researching your market value: Levels.fyi Glassdoor.com Blind
  1. How to Get a Raise | Don’t use inflation as your reason!
  2. DevOps and CI/CD Pipelines | Best practices in engineering and change and release management
  3. Trunk-Based Development Is Too Risky! | Source code management, CI/CD, and software development anti-patterns
  4. How to Handle a Narcissist | Gaslighting, manipulation, and abuse – you will not believe the fantasy land they live in!
  5. I Hate My Dream Job | Managing Burnout and Overwork
  6. War Stories from IT | Indie GameDev and the Art of Bonsai
  7. Prioritizing Technical Debt, Bugs, and Features | Using an Eisenhower Matrix
  8. Leadership in IT | Centralized vs Decentralized Command and Business Agility
  9. War Stories from IT | Southwest Airlines
  10. Software Engineer vs Developer | Should I call myself an engineer?