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Change My Career | How to Transition Between Engineering Disciplines Getting into IT with Grant

If you feel stuck in your engineering career and are trying to break out into a different subdiscipline, then this episode is for you!  How exactly can you switch from being a Software Developer to being a Machine Learning Engineer?  Or from a Site Reliability Engineer to a Web Developer?  In this episode we will discuss how to make that transition, and how to best reflect on your current position to see why you want to transition in the first place. —– As discussed in the podcast, last month's episode was an article posted on my website.  Check it out here: Trunk Based Development and Continuous Integration
  1. Change My Career | How to Transition Between Engineering Disciplines
  2. How to Get a Raise | Don’t use inflation as your reason!
  3. DevOps and CI/CD Pipelines | Best practices in engineering and change and release management
  4. Trunk-Based Development Is Too Risky! | Source code management, CI/CD, and software development anti-patterns
  5. How to Handle a Narcissist | Gaslighting, manipulation, and abuse – you will not believe the fantasy land they live in!
  6. I Hate My Dream Job | Managing Burnout and Overwork
  7. War Stories from IT | Indie GameDev and the Art of Bonsai
  8. Prioritizing Technical Debt, Bugs, and Features | Using an Eisenhower Matrix
  9. Leadership in IT | Centralized vs Decentralized Command and Business Agility
  10. War Stories from IT | Southwest Airlines