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Guest: James Jones | QOL Group and Supporting a Diverse Workforce Getting into IT with Grant

James Jones is an IT leader and the founder of the QOL Group, a non-profit organization providing support for the disabled.  He is a highly motivational speaker and I was blessed to be able to record an episode with him. In this episode, James talks about his journey of getting into IT, the importance of emotional intelligence as a manager and leader, and shares experiences from the industry that have left an impact on him both personally and professionally.  We discuss what good leadership looks like, as well as how to be an ally to a diverse workforce, being supportive of people with different backgrounds from ourselves. No matter your background, there's something we can all learn from James! — Connect with James on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-jones-m-jur-mim-mis-csm-sa-0231a47 Support QOL Group at: https://qolgroup.net
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