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Twitter and the Great Migration | What’s Mastodon? Getting into IT with Grant

The world is watching Twitter become a brand new company under the leadership of Elon Musk, and in this episode I dive into the details of what has been going on!  The situation is changing from day to day, so by the time you listen to this episode new information may be available, but as of 11/22/2022 this is the story.   This episode isn't just a "current events about Twitter" episode, though.  It also takes a look at Mastodon, one of the up and coming challengers to Twitter.  I have an account, have generated a fair amount of content on that platform, and share my experience with the ecosystem also known as the Fediverse (aka federated universe).  Mastodon is a distributed social media platform and is very interesting in its own right, even without all the craziness going on a Twitter.
  1. Twitter and the Great Migration | What’s Mastodon?
  2. The Uber Hack | A Case Study of Worst Practices in InfoSec
  3. What is a Tech Stack | How to architect software products
  4. Change My Career | How to Transition Between Engineering Disciplines
  5. How to Get a Raise | Don’t use inflation as your reason!
  6. DevOps and CI/CD Pipelines | Best practices in engineering and change and release management
  7. Trunk-Based Development Is Too Risky! | Source code management, CI/CD, and software development anti-patterns
  8. How to Handle a Narcissist | Gaslighting, manipulation, and abuse – you will not believe the fantasy land they live in!
  9. I Hate My Dream Job | Managing Burnout and Overwork
  10. War Stories from IT | Indie GameDev and the Art of Bonsai