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ChatGPT and GPT-3 | Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Fundamentals Getting into IT with Grant

ChatGPT is beginning to consume my news feed.  Everywhere I look I see blog posts written by AI paired with AI generated images made by DALL-E, all headlining in news articles from the mainstream media which are probably also reviewed or distributed by AI!  It's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning everywhere we turn! The rise of AI isn't bothering me as much as the trend of attributing *actual intelligence* to these robots.  In this episode, we'll discuss what is going on under the hood of ChatGPT.  We'll dive into neural networks and the various training mechanisms that are used, as well as looking at ChatGPT specifically and how it was constructed. Along with these tools comes a lot of creative ways to use them, which we'll take a look at as well, so buckle up!  We're going to surround ourselves with robots and take a peek inside. — Additional resources that are mentioned in this episode: 3Blue1Brown – But what is a neural network? | Chapter 1, Deep learning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aircAruvnKk   The history of chatbots https://onlim.com/en/the-history-of-chatbots/
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